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  • Flows from 37.0 GPM to 111.7 GPM
  • Low-high pressure packing design with integrated cooling system
  • Vertically fitted suction/delivery valves
  • Splash lubrication
  • Gear ratios: 1500 RPM=2.95:1, 1750 RPM=3.158:1, 1900 RPM=3.389:1
  • ASTM F51 SS manifold, 17/4 PH SS valves
  • ATEX Available

LKN Series – Specifications:
Max. Inlet Pressure: 45 PSI
Max. Fluid Temperature: *140° F
Inlet Port Thread: See specification sheet
Discharge Port Thread: See specification sheet
Shaft Diameter:    1.969″/50 mm
Stroke: 2.756″/70 mm
Pump Dimensions: 36.8″x26.5″x13.7″
Crankcase Oil Capacity: 473.4 oz./14 liters
Use GP Series 220 Oil

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