Why General Pump?

General Pump has been providing pumps and fluid power components to industries across the country since 1982. Why should you choose us? Because we know exactly what will fulfill your specific needs and we’ll make your experience as easy as possible. And if we’re met with a challenge, our company tagline comes into play: We Will Find A Way.

We do this in 4 ways

We’re Reliable

Since 1982, General Pump products have been used worldwide in hundreds of different ways. As part of the prestigious InterPump Group, we provide products made by the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure water plunger pumps and accessories, including Italian-based company Pratissoli. Our customers depend on the flexibility and efficiency of General Pump’s top-notch manufacturing and distribution processes.

We’re Versatile

General Pump offers a variety of pumps, accessories, and nozzle models with flows up to 236 GPM and pressures to 22,000 PSI. General Pump has put millions of pumps into various applications over the last 35+ years.

These pumps are complemented with a broad array of accessories and nozzles to meet specific customer requirements. Let us know what you need and our experienced team will supply you with quality pieces.

We Offer More Value

Maintenance and repair of our pumps and accessories is simple and inexpensive. When you compare the life-cycle cost of GP to others in the market, you will find that our products are the top choice for best value.

Availability of replacement parts and kits is always a critical issue when choosing a supplier. General Pump is a US-based distributor/manufacturer with a full inventory of pumps, accessories, nozzles and repair parts ready for immediate delivery. You won’t find this flexibility and quick turnaround with other pump suppliers.

We’re Committed to Support

Rely on our staff for support, or avail yourself of our service videos or training sessions so you can find answers on your own.

Our well-trained staff includes Inside and Outside Sales support, Applications Engineering staff, and Design Engineering groups, ready to provide customers with training, information and overall support. Comprehensive training schools are held at our world-class training facility.

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