Jack Hill

Executive Director of Sales and Marketing


Amy Merrill

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Campbell

Business Unit Manager, Industrial Division

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Nick Viestenz

Business Unit Manager, Vehicle/Carpet Cleaning Division

Email Nick ❱

Marc Palecek

Business Unit Manager, Pressure Cleaning Division

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Matt Mendez

Regional Sales Manager

Email Matt ❱

Jessica Hall

International Sales Coordinator 

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Mark Veldman

Inside Sales Manager

Email Mark ❱

Ron Lagro

Inside Sales Representative

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Zack Viestenz

Inside Sales Representative

Email Zack 

Tim Kohlmann

Inside Sales Representative

Email Tim ❱

Mark Johnson

Supply Chain Manager

Email Mark ❱

Luke Larson

Buyer/Planner Associate

Email Luke ❱

Darrell Cook

Quality Manager

Email Darrell ❱

Mark Halverson

Senior Product Manager

Email Mark ❱

Mike Glynn

Marketing Specialist 

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